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Screw Extractor (Screw Knocker, Old Man) Combo

Screw Extractor (Screw Knocker, Old Man) Combo

Item #: 16096

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PN: 16096
Screw Extractor, Screw Knocker, Old Man Combo

It's got plenty of names - "Old Man", "Screw Knocker", and "Woodpecker" - but this extractor gets results when loosening and removing corroded and over tightened screws and other fasteners. The extractor's 0.401 shank fist into a rivet gun, which delivers a high paced pulse that breaks hardware free without damaging the surrounding materials. Includes a wrench and 3/8" drive, 1/4" bit apex holder. Overall length of short extractor is 4". Overall length of long extractor is 8"

  • Set includes the long screw extractor (PN: 10122) and the stubby screw extractor (PN: 10119) for one low price.
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