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Toolbox stickers have been a favorite SWAG/ promotional gift of our customers for many years.  We want to provide an opportunity for our customers to submit ideas for our next toolbox sticker.   Here is your chance to submit an idea that could potentially appear on thousands of toolboxes around the world.  We are accepting ideas at the email address below for the next few weeks.  The best idea will receive a Yard Store gift card.

We reserve the right to choose more than one submission, amend any submission, not to print any submission or cancel this offer at any time. All submissions are property of The Yard Store and by submitting an idea, you agree that no compensation whatsoever is expected and that all submissions are property of The Yard Store. Submitter retains no rights to the suggestion.

Email us your idea, with a description, drawing, explanation and include your name, telephone number and email address for us to contact you. It must be appropriate for our business and our customer base.   Send ideas, drawings etc. to


Previous examples of Toolbox stickers: