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Gage Bilt Truck Kit GB722TCKL

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PN: 18024
Gage Bilt® Truck Kit GB722TCKL

This blind rivet and lockbolt installation kit is designed especially for truck and trailer manufacturing and maintenance facilities. Made in USA.

Kit Includes:

  • Heavy duty GB722 installation tool.
  • MG06-722-60 nosepiece for installing 3/16" Magna-Grip® lockbolts.
  • MG08-722-20 nosepiece for installing 1/4" Magna-Grip® lockbolts.
  • LB06-722-20 nosepiece for installing 3/16" lockbolts and stainless steel grill bolts.
  • MGLC68-752A-21 nosepiece (with two nose tips) for installing 3/16" & 1/4" Magna-Lok® blind rivets.
  • Stem catcher bag.
  • Metal carrying case.
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