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Clecos Fasteners

In order to get sheet metal to stick together and create sturdy objects, builders need to use the appropriate materials and fasteners. Technically, 'Cleco' is the brand name of a type of fastener, but it's come to refer to a specific type of sheet metal bolts. They describe a type of temporary fastener that holds multiple materials together tightly. This allows for sheet metal placement, adjustment, and drilling before rivets can be installed into the metal. These temporary fasteners are the equivalent of someone holding fabric together with pins prior to sewing. They hold the materials together and are easy to remove once the sheet metal is permanently being held together.

Features and Benefits

The Cleco fasteners we carry are U.S.A.-made to precise aerospace standards. They qualify for approval at all major aircraft plants and meet U.S. Government space exploration standards. They are color-coded for easy identification.

No one has our inventory!

When considering where to buy Cleco fasteners, know that The Yardstore stocks the widest variety of styles, sizes, and grip lengths in the industry. Our inventory is deeper than any other distributor in the USA. We stock spring, hex nut, wing nut, and cylindrical in all the popular sizes. We also have many of the less common types, such as metric. Our inventory of spring Cleco fasteners is so deep, that we guarantee we’ll have every size in stock!

Depending on the style of Cleco pin you are using, we have a variety of tools to make installation and removal easier and quicker. We have available manual tools such as pliers and pneumatic tools for all of our Cleco pins. Check out our Cleco installation and removal tools.

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