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5 Top Considerations to Take When Selecting a Pneumatic Drill or Cordless Drill for Sheet Metal Projects

If you want a bigger bang for your buck, you should consider air-powered drills vs. electric drills or tools. That's because when you purchase or use the pneumatic drill, you get a lighter and smaller drill that offers the same or more powerful punch. This powerful punch that benefits your project cannot be overvalued.

When you need an air-powered, pneumatic, or cordless drill, you must use the right type of drill, especially for your sheet metal projects. The terms air-powered, pneumatic, and cordless drill are often used interchangeably. That's because this type of drill is powered by compressed air.

This is a compressed air delivered via an air compressor. The air compressors are compact tanks that store one gallon of air, which is stored in small air pancakes. Some tanks are large enough to store over 500 gallons at a time.

What's more, the air-powered tools and drills are usually cheaper than any electric drill.  There are a variety of the best quality drill options to consider, and some can even save you money. There are five top considerations you can employ when selecting a cordless drill for your next sheet metal project. 

The Right Tools for Your Next Sheet Metal Project

When you know you're ready to engage in a home improvement project, sheet metal construction project, one of the first items any do-it-yourself handyperson will purchase is a power drill. Any DIYer or aircraft mechanic recognizes they need the right pneumatic drill, drill bits, and sheet metal material options before they officially begin their project. That's why you want to make sure you choose the right air-powered drill and tools that ensure that your job is much more accurate and easy to do. The selection of pneumatic drills is as long as it is varied. Any air-powered drill can include the below:

It's not uncommon for sheet metal or construction professionals to use a combination of electric and pneumatic drills depending on their project and its power requirement. If your project involves sheet metal, there are five criteria to look for so you can find the best cordless drill option. That way you can complete your sheet metal project with finesse, within your budget and on time.

#1 - Easy to Handle

There may be no other material like sheet metal that needs your cordless drill to deploy with lightness and ease of movement when drilling. You want your drill to be more compact and allow for comfortable maneuverability. Unfortunately, your lightweight, easy to manipulate drill usually has a limited life span. Every cordless drill depends on the life of its batter to perform, so you want a pneumatic drill that gives you maximum voltage and battery longevity. Most air-powered drills are cheaper than corded drills and do deliver less power, so consider that when designing your sheet-metal project plans. 

#2 - Speed is Everything

When dealing with an air-powered drill, you want it to deliver the maximum amount of power with the most extended amount of battery life possible. But you want that to be combined with maintaining the speed you need. When dealing with metal, if your cordless power drill is too high, you damage your drill bits. The best thing to have to manage speed is an electronic speed control for premium optimization. 

#3 - Your Sheet Metal Angle Needs Can Determine the Drill Needed

There are a multitude of sheet metal projects that need angle drills because they can reach difficult, if not impossible, corner pieces of metal. A prime consideration in selecting your pneumatic drill is making sure you check your angle drill's offset chuck to see if it can screw and unscrew in places where any regular drill couldn't. There are even angle drills that can be set to match the angle you need. This allows you to gain flexibility, ease of use, and the stellar benefits of selecting the right angle drill that matches your sheet metal project. 

#4 - Compress Air Energy Use Calculations

Assumptions are always made at this juncture because when you need to consider load reductions, you need to take into consideration a part-load air compressor efficiency level. Cordless power drills and tools can get replaced every few months. If you have many projects, you might want to start tracking your drill and tool cost with replacement frequency figured out for a true cost comparison between air-powered drills and corded drills. Corded drills always win on energy output; however, the total cost of using them vs. a cordless drill may end up surprising you. There are times battery-powered pneumatic drills have higher efficiency and cost levels

#5 - The Clutch

The adjustable clutch is what separates the basic from the excellent in pneumatic drills. The clutch disengages the drive shaft of the drill and will inevitably make a clicking sound when it reaches a preset level of resistance. That means your motor is still moving, but the screwdriver isn't. The clutch is what gives you control, so you don't strip screws or overdrive anything into the sheet metal that tears it apart. Many clutch settings vary depending on the drill, which means you can have up to 24 different parameters in some drills. Make sure you choose one that fine-tunes your pneumatic drill's power delivery.

The Future of Pneumatic Drills

The future of pneumatic drills will continue to develop and grow. In due time, cordless, air-powered drills may start to dominate the market for various types of construction projects and working with sheet metal. All pneumatic drills from Texas, Sioux, Acat, and Bosch will have new ways to gauge what your personal use needs will be in your air-powered drill and offer more dynamic selections as the market continues to grow. 

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