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Tool Kits

Master Aircraft Sheet Metal Tool Kits

Our master aircraft sheet metal tool kits contain just about everything you will need to build or maintain any sheet metal aircraft. Our aircraft sheet metal tool kit packages include nearly all the aircraft sheet metal tools you'll need including a rivet gun, hole finders, rivet sets, buckings bars, clecos, clamps, drills, and much more. All of these aircraft sheet metal tools, packaged at a savings only a Yardstore sheet metal tool kit can deliver. Our kits are perfect for any structures technician or aircraft hobbyist to get started with a relatively comprehensive set of tools. Why pay more for each instrument individually when you can benefit from the convenience and value of a Yardstore aircraft sheet metal tool kit. 

Master Sheet Metal Mechanics Kits

Each Master Sheet Metal Mechanics Tool Kit includes a rivet gun. Choose the kit with the acat riveter rivet gun that best meets your needs. Not sure if the Riveter ACAT 2X (12001)Riveter ACAT 3X (12002), or Riveter ACAT 4X (12003) is right for you? No problem, just get in touch.

Home Builders Metal Mechanics Kits

Each Home Builders Tool Kit includes a rivet gun and a riveting and dimple fixture.The Complete Bench-Top Riveting & Dimple Set is used for hand riveting or for dimpling skins, assemblies, spars, and small parts. It's also used for attaching a rivet gun for easier work. Choose the kit with the ACAT riveter rivet gun that best meets your needs. Each kit includes the same Riveting and Dimpling Fixture (13707). Not sure if the Riveter ACAT 2X (12001)Riveter ACAT 3X (12002), or Riveter ACAT 4X (12003) is right for you? No problem, just get in touch.

Miscellaneous Sheet Metal Tool Kits

You can save money by purchasing products in a kit instead of individually. Our miscellaneous kits include the Tool Bag Special which contains the most commonly used bucking bars, rivet sets, and flush sets a riveter would need. The Gage Bilt® Truck Kit is a blind rivet and lockbolt installation kit is designed especially for truck and trailer manufacturing and maintenance facilities. A Truckbolt Truck Fastener Installation Tool Kit is ideal for many truck and trailer repair applications. The Air Capital Temporary Fastener Kit is complete with cleo pliers. Finally, Our popular Air Capital Right Angle Drill Kit includes 5 different cobalt drill bits along with the ACAT 90DC drill.

Rivet Gun Kits

Our rivet gun kits are a perfect solution for when it's time to buy your first rivet gun. Our kits provide the tools you need to get started riveting. Each rivet gun kits include a high-quality rivet gun with the basic accessories you will need for your specific project. Buying together is a cost savings over buying the items individually. We carry a variety of great sheet metal mechanic pneumatic rivet tool kits at reasonable prices. Not sure which Rivet Gun Kit is right for you? No problem, just get in touch.