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Rivet Sets

Rivet Sets

Aircraft solid rivets require bucking, and Yardstore has the tools. Choose from our huge in-stock selection to exhaust your riveting set needs.

Huge variety in stock

We offer offset, gooseneck, double offset, and straight riveting sets. In addition, we have different lengths, specialty sets, and flush rivet sets. Save money on our most popular rivet sets by buying them in kits.

Low-cost and high-quality

Because the riveting sets we stock are heat-treated and high-alloy steel, they last longer and are less likely to deform. This construction eliminates breakage and provides for a structurally sound driven rivet. Sets that are not heat-treated will eventually bend.

The precision-made cups are highly polished.

AN470 rivet installation one-stop shop

All rivet sets are for AN470 rivets unless otherwise noted. You may also need rivet set caps and a retaining spring.

If you don’t have air power, hand squeezes don’t require air.