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Aircraft Countersink Cutters

Prepare sheet metal holes for flush rivet installation with precision with cutters for countersinking. Our aircraft countersinks have 1/4” x 28 threaded shanks.

Yardstore has a countersink for every application

The Yardstore has a wide variety of steel countersink cutters for countersinking, counterboring, and spotfacing. Explore our large range and selection of sizes, diameters, and angles. We offer countersink cutters in a variety of materials, to meet varied application needs:

  • High-speed steel
  • Cobalt
  • Life-extending carbide-tipped and solid carbide for highly-abrasive composite and difficult-to-machine materials

Convenience shopping

For precise depth control, check out our new and surplus microstopsWe also sell countersink sets for your toolbox, for convenience and cost-savings. Don’t miss our surplus selection !