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Cleco Fasteners

Cleco Fasteners & Cleco Tools

In order for this metal to be used as effectively as possible, all of these sectors require temporary Cleco fasteners during the building process. A Cleco is a temporary fastener used in the manufacture and repair of aluminum-skinned aircraft. Clecos are used to fasten sheet metal together before they are permanently joined. Clecos are installed in holes drilled through the workpieces and used in a wide range of applications. 

Top Cleco Selection

Yardstore carries a selection of Clecos and Cleco assembly tools including Cleco side-grip clamps, caps, Cleco air tools, and Cleco installation tools

Hand operated Cleco fasteners are used through the aircraft sheet metal industry. Yardstore has the best prices on in-stock power operated clecos including Cylindrical Clecos, Hex-Nut Draw Clecos, Spring Clecos, and Wing-Nut Draw Clecos. Regardless of their form, clecos are typically color-coded for ready identification of their size.

Heavy-duty material removal air tools are used to install and remove clecos. Yardstore carries both new and surplus Cleco pneumatic tools. 

For the best prices on Cleco fasteners, Cleco pliers, Cleco air tools, Cleco installation tools, and Cleco clamps, our customers rely on Yardstore.