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Threaded Drill Bits

Threaded Aircraft Drill Bits

Our threaded drill bits are the industry standard 1/4” x 28 threaded male.


Our bits are quality-approved at every major aircraft manufacturer. All of the threaded aircraft drill bits at the Yardstore are USA-made. The 135° split point is designed to penetrate on contact and reduce “walking”, which can break bits and damage materials.

The cobalt bits are produced from industrial-grade NAS 965 cobalt steel. They have superior hardness for high-temperature applications and long life. They are designed for use with tough, high-strength materials.

The Yardstore’s threaded drill bits are made of the best high-speed heat-resistant steel. Their oxide finish creates a porous layer that holds cutting oil , providing abrasion resistance and improving chip flow.

Over 100 sizes and lengths in stock

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