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Preferred Drill Bushing Kit 21 Piece Slip Fit with Bar and Spotter

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PN: 16046
Slip Type Bushings Kit 21 Piece

This kit contains 16 of the most popular drill bushing sizes, one bombsite spotter, one drill bar and three drill cups - all contained in a FOD style kit with laser cut foam.

Kit keeps drills & taps perpendicular to work surface.


Use this locator when laying out drill fixtures, templates or dies. It provides you with an accurate and magnified reference point. Manufactured from tough, clear, unbreakable plastic. Crosshairs are centrally located with 0.001 accuracy. Works with our Drill Bar (PN: 16065).

Drill bar

This adjustable, slip-type, drill bar will provide you with accurate placement and alignment of drilled holes. Recommended for use with our spotter (PN: 16066) enabling you to locate the drill bar centrally within 0.001. Once centered, remove the Spotter and insert the drill bushing. Works with our Slip-Type Bushings.

Drill cup

Helps to keep your drill at a right angle to the skin surface. Made of clear plastic with steel liner. Uses standard size 1/2" O.D. slip bushings. Made in USA.

Bushing Sizes:

  • #40, #30, #27, #21, #20, #16, #13, #10, #8, 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16" and "D"
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