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Item # 74210

Bucking Bar Tungsten 1.66 lbs.


Bucking Bar Tungsten 1.66 lbs.


PN: 74210
Tungsten Bar for Bucking Rivets

Try one of our vibration-reducing Tungsten Bucking Bars. With all the benefits of tungsten, and at a great price, you’ll be glad you did.

Studies show that tungsten bucking bars, as compared to other materials, reduce the chances of carpal tunnel. See the Results section of this study published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health journal, and page 6 of this study by the Graduate School of Wichita State University.

At Yardstore, all of our Tungsten Bars are made from 90+% tungsten. All edges are deburred and working surfaces are polished. This reduces the chances of damage to your material.

To meet your varied needs, we have a variety of Tungsten bar shapes and angles.

Why Tungsten?

Tungsten is extremely dense steel. Tungsten bars absorb vibration better than standard steel bucking bars. The result is that it is much safer on the operator. Your hands will thank you!


We carry standard steel bars as a more affordable option. We also have bucking bar sets.



This product is USA-made, of globally-sourced, certified conflict-free-zone tungsten.



Tungsten bucking bars have a manufacturer's warranty of 6 months.

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