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Item # 16312

Hand Squeeze with 4" Yoke - Texas Brand


Hand Squeeze with 4" Yoke - Texas Brand


PN: 16312
Texas Hand Rivet Squeezer with 4" Yoke

We are proud to bring you our heavy duty hand riveter, a tool with a Texas-sized reputation. It is now the best-selling heavy-duty hand riveter on the market, and for good reason. Install common sizes of solid aluminum rivets on edges and tight spots, allowing one worker to do the job.


Drop-forged of the best stainless steel, the 4" yoke allows for versatile reach. A steel body is important for a heavy duty, high-quality, precision hand rivet tool.

Our easy-to-use tool will accept yokes and squeeze sets made by other stainless steel squeeze manufacturers, including Tatco. It has long handles that provide plenty of leverage, an easily adjustable ram that allows close tolerance squeezing.

The yoke and handle are interchangeable with most stainless steel squeezes on the market. Our Texas hand rivet squeezers are designed to accept 3/16" shank rivet sets and dimple dies.

You won't be disappointed with the quality of our precision-manufactured Texas Squeeze line. We stand behind it and give you our 30-day money-back guarantee . Return for any reason with no re-stocking fee (just pay shipping).

We sell varied sizes of replacement yokes .


  • Heavy Duty Hand Rivet Squeezer
  • Accepts industry standard 3/16" shank squeeze sets
  • Stainless Steel
  • 4" reach
  • Adjustable set holder
  • Compares to Tatco squeezers

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