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Item # 14584

Pin Protrusion Gauges (2-1522-B) Black


Pin Protrusion Gauges (2-1522-B) Black


PN: 14584
Pin Protrusion Gauges (for Hi-Lok® & Hi-Tigue®) -Model 2-1522-B

Also known as Go-No-Go Gauges. Use these gauges for inspection of pins for correct grip length after installation. Includes gauges for 5/32", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8".

The new Aerospace


set is somewhat larger than its predecessor, and allows greater reach over collars with wide bases. The Max-Protrusion limits have been changed to allow slightly greater acceptance range.

To determine if the correct length pin has been installed, the tip of the pin protruding from the structure must fall between the recommended allowable maximum and minimum limits. Checking pin protrusion is easily accomplished with the proper Pin Protrusion Gauge. Distinct Gauge Sets are available for the Hi-Lok®/Hi-Tigue® system. Using the set for the fastening system, select the gauge for the pin diameter in question. If contact is made at the maximum limit, the pin should be removed and replaced with a shorter pin. If contact is not made at the minimum limit, the pin should be removed and replaced with a longer pin. Any protrusion between the upper and lower limit is satisfactory.

BLACK Gauge Set for Hi-Lok® and Hi-Tigue®


                    Nominal Pin Diameter    Pin Protrusion Limits  
Pin Dash #      Fraction   Decimal        Min        Max 
    -5                5/32"      0.1560       0.302     


    -6                3/16"      0.1875       0.315     


    -8                1/4"        0.2500       0.385     


    -10               5/16"      0.3125      0.490    


    -12               3/8"       0.3750       0.535     


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