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Item # 14531

Air Capital Red Box "737" Kit with 4x Rivet Gun


Air Capital Red Box "737" Kit with 4x Rivet Gun


PN: 14531
Red Box Kit 4X

This is a great sheet metal mechanic pneumatic rivet tool kit at a reasonable price.

Why buy a kit?

As a kit, this set provides the tools you need to get started riveting. Buying together is a cost savings over buying the items individually. Plus, since each tool has its own molded spot in the case, you know when one is missing as part of a good "FOD" plan.


In addition to the aluminum rivet gun with teasable trigger is designed for ergonomic comfort, you'll get four straight rivet sets, one flush set, two rivet gun springs, and two popular sizes of bucking bars. It includes a sturdy plastic box that lets you keep the air regulator attached when packed away. A package of sturdy, practical tools for an economical price.

We also carry this rivet gun kit "737" with a 3X aluminum rivet gun - see part #14530 .

Kit includes:

  • Ergonomic Rivet Gun 4x (14534) with a teasable trigger
  • Straight rivet sets - 3/32" (10001), 1/8" (10002), 5/32" (10003) and 3/16" (10004)
  • Flush set with 1" face (10170)
  • Two rivet gun springs, a quick change (14011) and a beehive (14045)
  • Two Bucking Bars (15000 & 15001)
  • Air Regulator (12161)
  • Storage Box - FOD (Foreign Object Damage) style to prevent tool damage during storage

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