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CherryMax Pneumatic Riveter & All Three Heads

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PN: 12092
CherryMax® Pneumatic Riveter & All Three Heads

Designed specifically for a wide range of CherryMax® style rivets. Can be operated in any position with one hand. One nose assembly can install all 3-diameter fasteners (1/8", 5/32" & 3/16"). Hand-held weight of 4.3 lbs. and a rated pull load of 3,136 lbs. on 90 psi. CherryMax® and GBP pulling heads are interchangeable.


  • Model 704B CherryMax® Riveter
  • Model H701B-456 Straight Pulling Head (PN: 12090)
  • Model H782 Offset Pulling Head (PN: 69125)
  • Model 753a-456 Angle Pulling Head (PN: 12088)
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