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Cylindrical Clecos

Cylindrical Clecos

All types of Cleco fasteners come in a variety of different sizes so that you can choose the right one for your project. That being said, even the smallest cylindrical Clecos have larger bearing areas than other types of fasteners. This larger bearing area makes cylindrical fasteners the best alternative for holding composite and metallic sheet metals together.

Furthermore, many fastener types have issues with orientation. When the tools needed to work with sheet metal have different orientations than the fasteners that hold the metal together, it takes longer to install and remove these fasteners. The cylindrical bodies of these Clecos are power-operated and therefore designed to prevent orientation issues. These Clecos also have a double lead thread design that makes installation and removal more efficient than it otherwise would be.

You'll Want a Cylindrical Cleco When:

  • You need a large bearing area.
  • You want to prevent issues with sheet metal to fastener orientation.
  • You're in a low-to-medium volume production setting.

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