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Hex-Nut Draw Clecos

Hex Nut Draw Clecos

There are two types of draw Clecos on the market today: hex-nut and wing-nut. Hex-nut draw Clecos are best set to high-production settings like factories and industrial plants. This is in contrast to cylindrical Cleco fasteners, which are best used for individual projects like building creation. Hex-nut fasteners are operated with a pneumatic power tool and are therefore used to ger uniform results when clamping many projects together at once.

Hex-nut draw designs can be backed completely off the sheet metal while still staying intact within the metal's body. This means that you can pull away from the metal and leave temporary nuts and bolts inside the object for long periods of time. Like all other Cleco fasteners, hex-nut draws can be used for both composite and metallic surfaces.

You'll Want a Hex-Nut Draw Cleco When:

  • You want a uniform result when clamping many projects together.
  • You want a fastener that can be operated automatically rather than by hand.
  • You are in a high-production environment.

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