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Spring Clecos

Spring Clecos

Spring Cleco fasteners are exactly what they sound like: spring-loaded tools. Because they're created with a spring, they have a wide reach range. This makes them ideal for holding together thick metals that may need something to spread wide before being clamped down over them.

Because of the spring, these Clecos have a lot of tension when they clamp down on any sheet metal. Ultimately, this means more precise results when you place permanent fasteners into your project since your metal will be held together as tightly as possible.

Like hex-nut fasteners, spring Clecos are operated with a pneumatic power tool. This makes them ideal for medium-to-high volume production settings.

You'll Want a Spring Cleco When:

  • You want something that has a lot of tension when clamping down.
  • You're working with thick sheet metal.
  • Your production setting is mid-to-high volume.

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