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Wing-Nut Draw Clecos

Wing-Nut Draw Clecos

While hex-nut draw Clecos are made for large-scale production and thus have automatic mechanisms, wing-nut fasteners have a hand-operated clamp. They have a huge range of grip force, which means that they can clamp down on sturdy metals incredibly hard or they can give the worker room to fasten together loosely-clamped metals by hand.

For this reason, wing-nut Clecos are best suited for low-production environments. They're also great for areas that have a limited amount of space to work with. Like their hex-nut counterparts, wing-nut Clecos can be backed completely off the sheet metal while still staying intact within it.

You'll Want a Wing-Nut Draw Cleco When:

  • You want something that has a wide grip-force range.
  • You don't mind using a hand-operated clamp.
  • You're in a low-production setting and want precise results.

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