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Best Selection Of Rivet Gun Kits

Across the world, there are 10.2 million people who work directly in the aviation industry. It's a booming business that requires constant maintenance to keep everything running smoothly. Perhaps you're just starting out in this industry, either as a contractor or small business owner. Either way, you're not very familiar with the tools (such as rivet gun kits) and need some guidance.

Should I Buy A Kit?

If you're just starting out, then the best thing to do is to buy a rivet set instead of purchasing individual parts one by one. Because you're new to this, you may end up accidentally forgetting vital parts. What you should do is choose a rivet gun kit that comes with everything you need. For instance, the Air Capital Red Box "737" Kit has not just a rivet gun, but also rivet sets, gun springs, bucking bars, and an air regulator.

When Would I Use A Rivet Gun?

First things first: when would you use a rivet gun? If you don't know what purpose they serve, then you can't use them efficiently or adequately. Rivet guns are also known as pneumatic hammers. They're used to drive rivets into a surface; rivets are little mechanical fasteners that look like a metal pin or smooth screw. The common types of rivets are:

  • Blind
  • Drive
  • Flush
  • Friction-lock
  • Oscar
  • Self-piercing
  • Solid
  • Structural steel

To use a rivet gun, you can't just have the gun itself. You also need to have a bucking bar and riveting set. First, you need to pop the rivet into the rivet hole on your gun. Use the bucking bar to back up the shank end. When the bucking bar is set, you can now operate the rivet gun. Place it on the surface and drive the manufactured head in. With the pneumatic hammering action, the rivet swells, which causes it to fill in the hole it's placed over. The shank end also flattens to secure the fastening. This action should lock the two parts together permanently if done correctly.

Purchase the Best Gun Kits for Your Situation

It's always a great idea to have at least one or two gun kits for yours. Considering the many benefits that come with riveting, it's a no brainer when it comes to handling aircraft sheet metal. A kit ensures that you have all the appropriate tools on hand to build and maintain aircraft sheet metal. The right riveting kits will make all the difference in your efficiency.

Ready to make a purchase? Then get a Master Rivet Set Kit for your business now or browse our in-stock inventory of new rivet gun kits, surplus rivet gun kits, red box 737 rivet gun kits, solid rivet gun kits, 3x rivet gun kits, professional rivet gun kits, and aircraft rivet gun kits.