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Rivet Guns

Rivet Guns

We have everything aircraft mechanics need for working with bucking-style solid aluminum and steel rivets. Our pneumatic rivet guns have a teasable, featherable trigger. That means it is finely-tuned and sensitive for precision control and installation of aircraft rivets. Plus, they have a lightweight, aluminum handle for comfort, and a hardened, precision-ground steel piston, cylinder, and spool valve for long life.

What Do the Xs Stand For?

Some people may mistakenly think the Xs in kits stand for how many rivet guns will include. But instead, it stands for how powerful the gun is. With each increase in number, you can expect the barrel of the gun to be slightly longer. These long barrel guns have longer strokes and heavier pistons. So the higher the number, the more powerful the gun is, and the fewer strokes per minute. While the 2x and 3x rivet guns can accommodate the same lengths of rivets, 4x and above accommodate different (longer) rivets. Depending on the project you're tackling, you may need to purchase rivet guns of different strengths. Fortunately, we have a wide variety of riveting kits available that range from 2x to 4x. 

Unbeatable availability

We have the largest in-stock selection of new Air Capital Air Tool (ACAT) pneumatic rivet guns. Get the size you need for your application. Our selection covers both your .401 shank and .498 shank rivet set requirements. We carry a corner gun, plus 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 7x, and 9x sizes! All of our new guns, riveter accessories, and kits you see on our website are in stock and ship immediately. Our customers love that we carry a large selection of surplus. Our pneumatic riveter surplus includes a wide variety of brands, including Chicago Pneumatic.

Repair Shop

Extend the life of your rivet gun! If you buy it from us, we will service it in our full in-house repair shop.